Sophrosyne Ventures LLP


(four syllables, the ending rhymes half-way between 'many' and 'money.') is the Greek concept of self-control; self-control both in the sense of prudence, temperance and soundness of mind, and also in the sense of a group of people having control over their own destiny.

At Sophrosyne we manage the investment pool of, and co-invest with, our investor community creating value for us all through diversification, tax optimisation, focus of effort and expertise, cost reduction and shared administration.

At Sophrosyne we work with entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their companies through investment and advice. For entrepreneurs, we offer a partnership with experienced business people to create and realise value for us all.

Investing with us

Our clients are experienced investors for whom we invest a portion of their investment portfolios in EIS qualifying companies.


Companies seeking funding

We partner with experienced entrepreneurs with established business models that they want to grow and accelerate. Our partners are open to our advice and are committed to growing and realising capital value.